Triethanolamines Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • TEOA – Demand by Region
  • TEOA - Price Drivers
  • Trade Dynamics

Table of contents

  1. TEOA - Executive summary
  1. TEOA - Demand by application
  1. Amines - Value chain
  1. TEOA - Demand by Region
  1. TEOA - Price Drivers
  1. TEOA Trade Dynamics

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Global Market Outlook on Triethanolamines

Surfactants market, especially the demand from Heavy duty laundry dominates the TEA market across the globe. Cement and other industrial applications are the other downstream determinants of the market

Demand for TEOA constitutes for about 18-20 percent of the overall Ethanolamine demand. In most cases, TEA is either used alone and in mixed proportion with other amines like MEA and DEA

Downstream Demand Outlook


  • Out of total surfactants demand for Ethanolamine, 10-11 percent of it is estimated to be served by TEOA. Demand from use in Hair Shampoos and Mild bar shops are other driving factors in this segment

Cement Grinding:

  • TEOA is used as a grinding aids and performance enhancer. Demand from this segment is expected to pose a CAGR of 4-5 percent until 2021, following the trends in the global construction industry. Asia wis expected to be the major regional demand driver in the segment which inturn increases the demand for TEOA

Metal working Fluids:

  • TEOA application in Metal fluids industry ranges from: Neutralizing acidic components in lubricants ,Corrosion prevention, as inhibitor to biocides


  • TEOA is key raw material in the production of Glyphosate. With expectations of the steady market growth in herbicide(especially Glyphosate) market, demand from this segment will most likely stay on an positive note
  • Growth in demand for TEOA from Herbicides segment is anticipated to be around 4-5 percent until 2021


  • The global consumption of TEOA in textile industry is very minimal, considering its properties. They are used as intermediates for the preparation of durable press fabric finish and softeners.

Other Applications:

  • Oil and Gas, Rubber Processing and Chemical intermediates are the other industries were TEOA is predominantly used, Though volumes are comparitively lower, pricing and criticality of the use varies

TEOA – Demand by Region

Due to the consumer awareness about the use of Ethanolamine in Cosmetic products, demand for TEA from Europe is expected to decline in the coming years. No such demand lag is expected in North America and APAC

CPG industry across all the three major market, hold a high buyer leverage in TEOA market.

Regional Demand Outlook

  • Due to increase in disposable income and increased crop production, Asia-Pacific market will most likely be the largest consumer in the market. The region is trade deficit in TEOA, which implies that it would be dependent on imports to meet future demand
  • There has been a  steady growth in the production of glyphosate-based herbicides which has significantly driven the demand for TEOA. On the back of strong agrochemical production presence in the US, demand for TEOA from this segment in the region will maintain the upward trend
  • Europe might witness a decline in demand for TEOA owing to the change in regulatory landscape, which restricts its use in cosmetics and few other applications

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