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Are you looking for answers on Storefront Design & Installation category?

Are you looking for answers on Storefront Design & Installation category?

  • What are the key trends in Storefront Design & Installation category?
  • Am I paying the right price?
  • Am I working with the right supplier?
  • What are the major challenges and risks in Storefront Design & Installation industry?
  • How is Storefront Design & Installation industry performing?

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Report Coverage

  • Industry Trends
  • Key Global Supplier Profiling and SWOT Analysis
  • Key Global and local supplier profiles
  • Case studies

Market Size

Global Market Size

$196 Bn

Market Size North America

$ 40.5 Bn

Market Size Europe

$ 39.1 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Storefront Design & Installation Executive Summary
  2. Global Market Outlook
  3. Storefront Industry Outlook
  4. Sourcing Approach for Retail Storefront Systems
  5. Brexit Impact Update
  1. Storefront Design & Installation Global Market Analysis
  2. Market Overview - Storefront Systems
  3. Market Overview - Glass Storefront Products
  4. Market Overview - Commercial Glazing & Curtain wall
  5. Drivers and Constraints - Storefront Systems
  6. Industry Trends
  7. Porter's Five Force Analysis
  1. Storefront Design & Installation Regional Market Analysis
  2. North America
  3. MENA
  4. Europe
  5. APAC
  1. Supplier Landscape
  2. Key Global Supplier Profiling and SWOT Analysis
  3. Key Regional Supplier Profiling
  1. Storefront Design & Installation Procurement Best Practices
  2. Business Framework - Storefront Systems Sourcing
  3. Engagement Models for Storefront Systems - Retail
  4. Sourcing Approach for Storefront Systems
  5. Case Studies

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Global Storefront Design & Installation Market Outlook

  • Suppliers with the right capabilities and relevant experience have a high negotiation power, as they can be categorized as a niche market for large works
  • Entry barriers are higher for new entrants as the availability of expertise for complex works is necessary
  • Rivalry between competitors is comparatively high due to the emergence of Chinese suppliers on account of growing demand for retail and commercial construction
  • Less number of projects and small spend projects might result in low bargaining power. However, complexity and scale of the projects will increase the buyer power
  • The buyers have standardized the designs and products for storefronts, which has encouraged them to approach the manufacturers directly


Market Overview - Storefront Design & Installation

In 2017, the facade market has been valued at $184 billion globally, and the curtain wall industry is valued at $41.6 billion. The façade market is anticipated to have a CAGR of 7.3 percent. The global market for windows and doors used in the overall construction is estimated to reach $260 billion by 2024. The overall industry is expected to grow at 3.5 percent annually from 2018 to 2024. North America and Europe constituted to more than 40 percent of the market in 2017

Market Overview - Glass Storefront Products

  • The global market for construction glass used in windows/storefronts has been value at $94.8 billion in 2017, and the global demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.98 percent annually. APAC holds the largest share of 60.7 percent in the global construction. About 80 percent of flat glass manufactured globally is used in the construction industry glass market.

Construction Glass Market Outlook

  • Growth in the global construction glass is expected to continue in the coming years, with a positive growth of 7 percent until the end of 2023, owing to increasing demand and technological advancements in the industry, especially in the emerging and developing markets
  • APAC is the largest consumer of construction glass in the world, with over 60 percent of the market share. Urbanization is a major driver for the demand for construction glass. Increasing commercial and industrial construction in the near future will provide a boost to the demand in the market

Flat glass Market Outlook

The flat glass market is expected to grow by $160 billion by 2025. Flat laminated glass, mainly used in the construction and automotive sectors, is expected to reach $40 billion by 2024. Tempered and laminated glass constitute to the largest share in the flat glass market

Market Overview - Commercial Glazing & Curtain Wall

Commercial Glazing Market

  • The total market size for construction market glass is $94.8 billion in 2017. Major growth is expected in APAC and North America in the next 5 years
  • Glazing industry in America and Europe is highly fragmented. In China and Japan, the industry is comparatively more consolidated, as supplier capability for high-end commercial systems remains low

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