Recruitment Advertising Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Key Supplier Trends in US
  • Key Technology Trends in Advertising – US
  • Competitive Practices in US – Recruitment Advertising
  • Engagement Practices – Indeed and Career Builder

Market Size

Global Market Size

$ 597 Bn


4 Percent

Market Size US

$ 209 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Recruitment Advertising Executive Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Recruitment Advertising Supplier Analysis
  2. Supplier Shortlist and Supplier Landscape
  3. Supplier Profiling
  1. Recruitment Advertising Best Practices
  2. Sourcing Models
  3. Engagement Models and Pricing Models
  4. Case Study
  1. Recruitment Advertising Market Analysis
  2. Market Overview , Key Trends And Market Trends
  3. Competitive Practices in US
  4. Key Supplier Trends and Key Technology Trends

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Global Market Outlook on Recruitment Advertising

  • The global advertising industry is expected to grow annually at 4% in 2018 and expected to reach USD 597 billion industry by 2020. North American region contributes half of the total global advertising spend by 2020
  • Almost 82% of the population are using digital devices, such as smartphones, TV, tablets, and Internet
  • Buyers are opting for integration of recruitment tools with digital advertising for employer branding and marketing job opportunities

Key Trends in Recruitment Advertising

  • Large number of companies are investing in artificial intelligence techniques for leveraging the services. Similarly, digital advertising agencies are also integrating the AI, chatbots, and analytical approaches to reach target audiences and pool of skilled workforce
  • Buyers preference is higher on candidate experience while hiring. Involvement of analytical approaches and automation may enhance the candidate experience.
  • Pay per click (PPC) is widely adopted approach in the US for recruitment advertising

Market Trends in Recruitment Advertising

  • Selecting a right candidate for right job role is the key for employers. Risks involved is higher if wrong candidate is hired. In order to mitigate the risk, decision-making process is supported by appropriate advertising and marketing techniques to reach the most potential pool of skilled applicants
  • Target audiences can be reached through increased social media advertising packages, rise in AI recruiting and big data analytics

Pricing Models

  • Recruitment advertising and marketing packages are widely adopted pricing approach in the US. Suppliers provide a wide range of service offerings integrated in a package
  • Subscription-based approach is prominent when buyer needs a customized recruitment advertising approach in the US. Subscription-based services include a tailored approach for aligning the recruitment strategies with business strategy on a real-time basis

Sourcing Models – Consolidated vs. Individual Vendors

  • Sourcing an appropriate recruitment advertising agency or tool can help buyer in saving their time and money
  • Consolidated supplier offers a wide range of advertising techniques for job opportunities over multiple platforms. In this case, buyer shall opt for a single vendor
  • Discrete suppliers offers limited set of advertising techniques for the buyer. In this case, buyer shall opt for multiple vendors for different advertising techniques.

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