Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • CleverCap
  • GlowCap®
  •  DoseCue
  • Med-ic® Electronic Compliance Monitor
  • Smart Wallet

Table of contents

  1. Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging Executive Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging Smart Packaging: Bottles & Caps
  2. Smart Wireless Pill Bottles
  3. SMRxT
  4. CleverCap®
  5. eCAPâ„¢ Smart Bottle
  6. GlowCap®
  7. DoseCue
  1. Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging Smart Packaging: Blister Packs
  2. Ecoslide-RX Wallet-Pak
  3. Med-ic® Electronic Compliance Monitor
  4. Ecobliss Smart Wallet
  5. Jones and ThinFilm

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Global Market Outlook on Pharmaceutical Smart Packaging

Communication Systems

  • Mobile connectivity is predominantly based on Bluetooth technology
  • Other technologies, like Wi-Fi, NFC, are also used based on device complexity

Innovations and Trends

Mobile App Connectivity

  • There are a host of third-party apps to collate compliance data, enabled with cloud storage
  • Most of the devices have their own apps by suppliers. However, for easy data availability across stakeholders, third-party apps are preferred
  • Subscription to app for a fixed time period is sold with the package
  • For plastic containers, the most common product design is sensors that fit to standard pill containers in the form of caps or other attachments, that can track the drug consumption through various means
  • BLE and Wi-Fi are used for data transmission though some devices also use NFC and smartphone apps for the purposes
  • AdhereTech Smart Wireless Bottle is one the most innovative devices, as it is a container based and has wide connectivity options
  • Due to the one-time use nature of blister packs, innovations involving blisters generally adopt low-cost solutions, such as NFCs and RFIDs that can be scanned via a reader or smartphone
  • As a result, most such products are directly targeted towards pharma manufacturers as a low-cost, high-volume smart packaging solution
  • Electronic firms, such ThinFilm and IMC, have developed smart packaging solutions that can be incorporated into most blister packaging lines

Supplier Base

  • Bottles segment is fragmented, with multiple players providing customized solutions
  • In blister packaging, WestRock and Palladio remain the top suppliers, with both having a wide range of products with compliance tracking features
  • Many smaller firms, such as SMRxT Inc., have launched innovative products that have managed to become one of the top products in the category
  • Most of the innovative suppliers are based out of North America and make use of the widely available mobile networks or Wi-Fi for data transfer

Smart Packaging Innovations: Smart Wireless Pill Bottles

Technology: In-built light and sound, mobile app connectivity

Product Features

  • The AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle sends prompts through light and sound, as well as texts and phone calls and records the moods, symptoms, and reasons for non-adherence from patients
  • The tracking data is analyzed for anomalies in AdhereTech servers and the appropriate action in triggered
  • The reminders can be customized as a batch or at an individual patient level. Thus, pharma companies can tweak the reminders and messages to incorporate their brand visuals
  • The newer version has tripled the battery time and ensures global compatibility

Smart Packaging Innovations: SMRxT

Technology: Attachable dock with mobile connectivity

Product Features

  • SMRxT sensors can be incorporated to the bottom of any standard pill bottle and tracks both dose and time of medication
  • The device connects to smartphones and sends the necessary prompts to ensure patient adherence and records the pertinent data
  • The firms also provide both analytical services for pharmaceutical firms and adherence monitoring services for end-use patients

Smart Packaging Innovations: Ecoslide-RX Wallet-Pak

Technology: NFC Tag can be scanned by smartphone or standalone reader

Product Features

  • Keystone Folding Box Co. has used the smart packaging technology developed by Information Mediary Corporation to develop Ecoslide-RX Wallet-Pak, a smart blister package
  • The blister contains a electronic module and printed sensor grid inside the package that tracks and communicates the compliance data
  • The pack has a NFC tag that be scanned by a smartphone to read the compliance data through any compatible app, like DoseCast

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