PE Films Australia Market Intelligence

Report Coverage

  • Australia PE Films Market Analysis

  • Technological Advances and Impact on Cost

  • Major Global Trends in PE Films

  • Supplier List and Service Capabilities

Market Demand

Market Demand Australia

$1.6 MMT


2-3 Percent

Table of Contents

  1. PE Films Australia Executive Summary
  2. Global PE Films Market Outlook
  3. Regional Market and Supply base outlook


  1. PE Films Market Analysis
  2. Global PE Films Market Analysis
  3. Major Global Trends in PE Films
  4. PE Films – Drivers and Constraints
  5. Australia PE Films Market Analysis
  6. Australia PE Films Porter’s Five Forces Analysis


  1. PE Films Supplier Analysis
  2. Key Global Supplier Profiling and SWOT
  3. Regional Supplier Profiling – Australia


  1. PE Films Cost Analysis
  2. PE Films Value Chain
  3. Cost Break by Region
  4. Cost Analysis
  5. Technological Advances and Impact on Cost


  1. PE Films Procurement Best Practices
  2. Strategic Sourcing Outlook
  3. Industry Best Practices
  4. Pricing Model – Comparative Analysis


  1. PE Films Feedstock Analysis
  2. Polyethylene - Asia Pacific

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Australia Regional Market Outlook on PE Films

Australian PE films packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2-3% to reach a value of 1.8 MMT by 2023, mainly driven by food and beverages market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of  11-12% (2018-23F) .In beverages, alcoholic drinks segments which is expected to grow at a moderate CAGR of 3.5-4%(2018-23F) would be one of the major drivers of PE Films in the country. Large growth is expected from bottled water and soft drinks, which are likely to accelerate volume additions and low cost product advancements in Australian PE films packaging market.

APAC would witness a growth rate of  2-3 percent, until 2023. The major drivers would be high end use demand from food and beverages segment. The country would not face any supply constraints in PE Films owing to the presence of fairly fragmented supply base.


PE Films – Drivers and Constraints


End-use Demand

  • One of the major growth drivers for PE films is the increasing usage of stretch and shrink films, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4–5 percent in Australia from 2018 to 2023F. These  films are used in packaging and non-packaging applications because of its physical properties, such as tear strength, stress, durability, etc.
  • The increase in demand for food, beverages and consumer goods products in emerging regions, due to growing urbanization and increasing disposable income of middle class

Technology and Innovation

  • Technological innovations in the field of manufacturing machineries and production process are gaining momentum, mainly due to dynamic consumer preference, which would provide PE films an edge over its rigid packaging counterpart



  • There is an increase in the usage of BOPP films, mainly in food packaging segment, due to its barrier properties


  • In the developed markets, there is a major sustainability trend toward the use of paper, cloth, and jute bags to replace the PE bags
  • Several major cities are also banning the use of plastic bags. In the recent past, the top retail chains have moved from using plastic bags to jute/paper bags


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