Occupational Health Services UK Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Case Study on Importance of Health Assessment: Strategic Decision to Reduce Medical Cost
  • Stress Management
  • Sourcing Models for Occupational Health Services
  • Pricing Models: Comparative Analysis

Table of contents

  1. Occupational Health Services Intelligence Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Occupational Health Services Supplier Analysis
  2. Supplier Selection Criteria
  3. Supply Market Segmentation
  4. Supplier Profiles
  1. Occupational Health Services Best Practices
  2. Sourcing Model
  3. Contract Model
  4. Pricing Models
  1. Occupational Health Services Market Analysis
  2. Supply Landscape
  3. Service Capability Analysis

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Regional Market Outlook on Occupational Health Services

Occupational health and safety are mostly focused on better & safe work–life balance and implementation of company-wide employee-centric healthcare programs, which offer healthy lifestyle coaching and benefits. Most of the companies in the UK are giving more emphasis on health promotion and health management programs.

  • In 2017, the UK corporate wellness market is estimated to be around $8.5 billion. By 2020, the US corporate wellness market is expected to be around $12 billion
  • Increasing attention on employee health for productivity, reduction of insurance, and healthcare costs are the key market drivers

Travel Health and Immunization

The short or long-term business trip, travel immunization is must, in order to prevent the infectious diseases for international business travellers. Abbott offers continuous support to the business travellers by immunizing, offering telemedicine support, and HCP consultation virtually or face-to-face based on the requirement.

Corporate Travel Health Services

  • Face-to-face consultation with the HCP to get advices on the pre-travel, post-travel, and intra travel. Also, discussing on existing health conditions are very important

Tailored Medical Screening

  • Based on health condition of the employee, job role and destination certain mandatory or specific screening test are recommended by the health care professionals

Travel Immunization

  • Some countries require you to have an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) before entering the country
  • Understanding the destination specific immunization

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Employers are focusing on mental health by ensuring that employees have access to mental health benefits, including an EAP.

  • Employers should encourage the employees to complete a health risk assessment (HRA), which often includes questions pertaining to mental health
  • HRA helps the employer to understand the current mental position of the employee, based on the data, referring employees to mental health professionals is very crucial, in order to curb the further health consequences, such as depression and pessimistic thinking

Health Risk Assessment 

  • A healthcare company organized HRA and asked their employees to participate
  • 95% participation was registered
  • The results have shown that 60% of the participants are at greatest risk of depression, stress, and obesity
  • Implemented mental health and emotional wellness program


  • Education session was organized by mental wellness therapist to address women and depression, and overcoming negative thinking

Workplace Stress

  • In order to manage workplace stress, after work exercises, yoga at work, and certain brain training games are introduced


  • 10-week long weight management program was implemented. Healthy food intake and exercise and be-fit on-site exercise are promoted

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