Nitrogen Products Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Major Market Players
  • Demand By Region: Alumimium Sulphate
  • Major Factors driving the cost of Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Chloride

Production Size

Global Production Size/ Capacity

25 Mn Tons


2.5 Percent

Production Size Asia Pacific (APAC)

9.75 Mn Tons

Table of contents

  1. Nitrogen Products Supplier Mapping: Ammonium sulfate
  1. Nitrogen Products Supplier Mapping: Ammonium chloride
  1. Nitrogen Products Value Chain: Ammonium Sulfate & Ammonium Chloride
  1. Nitrogen Products Downstream Application and Region Trends: Ammonium Sulfate
  1. Nitrogen Products Demand Growth: Ammonium Sulfate
  1. Nitrogen Products Price Drivers: Ammonium Sulfate & Ammonium Chloride
  1. Nitrogen Products Cost Drivers: Ammonium Sulfate & Ammonium Chloride
  1. Nitrogen Products Price Analysis for Feedstock Ammonia

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Global Market Outlook on Nitrogen Products

The major portion of ammonium sulfate and ammonium chloride is consumed by agriculture sector as fertilizer, which has rich source of nitrogen driving the plants in numerous essential plant functions.

Downstream Application & Region Trends: Ammonium Sulfate

Government initiatives  to increase crops output and favorable policies  encouraging sustainable and efficient agricultural practices are presumed to play critical role in aiding the regional industry over the upcoming years.

  • Fertilizer market remains as the major demand driver: To increase the crop yield, there was a significant increase in demand for fertilizers since last decade. Growing fertilizer demand coupled with increasing nutrient requirements such as nitrogen and sulfur in particular fro crops are expected to drive the overall market in the upcoming future
  • Food additives: Food additives application includes acidity regulator for flours and breads, helps in controlling the pH factor for baked products and bread. It is expected t o witness fastest growth over the forecast period
  • Regional insights: Presence of large agriculture industry in China, India and South East Asian countries is expected to remain a key driving factor for the regional market
  • Favorable emerging markets: SE Asian countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia are expected to witness an expansion of the product owing to their heavy dependency on agriculture
  • Other Allied Industries: Industrial application promises significant demand over the next seven years such as flame retardants, textile and leather products

Demand Growth: Ammonium Sulfate

As ammonium sulfate is the by-product of caprolactum, the market is highly affected by developments  in the caprolactum market

The global demand for ammonium sulfate is expected  to increase in areas with rising sulfur-deficient soils, especially in areas with tight environmental controls  such as  North America.

  • Global ammonium sulfate market demand was at 24.60 million tons during 2014 and is expected to reach 29.97 million tons by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 2.5 percent, from 2014 to 2022
  • Increasing demand for nitrogen fertilizers  is anticipated to be one of the major growth factors driving the demand for ammonium sulfate. As a  fertilizer, it competes with ammonium nitrate, ammonium phosphates and urea
  • However, as a major portion of ammonium sulfate is manufactured involuntarily as a co-product or by-product, its volume  of productions is  influenced more by the general industrial output  than by the demand for fertilizers

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