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Are you looking for answers on Drums category?

Are you looking for answers on Drums category?

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Report Coverage

  • Technological Trends
  • Supplier Analysis
  • Supplier Profiling
  • Best Practices

Market Size

Global Market Size

$ 9.1 Bn

Market Size North America

$2.08 Bn

Table of contents

  1. Drums Executive Summary
  2. Epilogue
  3. Global Drums Market Outlook
  4. Drums Demand Market Outlook
  5. Supply Base Outlook
  6. Major Trends & Innovation and Industrial Developments
  1. Drums Market Analysis
  2. Supply Chain Analysis Steel Drums
  3. Supply Chain Analysis Plastic Drums
  4. Global Market Outlook - Drums
  5. Current Market Size
  6. Demand-Supply trends and forecast
  7. Global Demand By Application
  8. Global Supplier Market Outlook
  9. Trade Dynamics
  10. Steel Containers
  11. Trade Dynamics
  12. Plastic Containers
  13. Regional Market Outlook [North America, EMEA & Asia-Pacific]
  14. Current Market Size
  15. Supply-Demand Trends Outlook
  16. Key end-use Industries
  1. Drums Industry Analysis
  2. Industry Outlook [Developed & Developing Regions]
  3. Porters Five Forces Analysis
  4. Industry Drivers & Constraints
  5. Industry Events
  6. Key Trends & Innovations
  1. Drums Cost and Pricing Analysis
  2. Cost & Price Analysis [US, Europe & Asia]
  3. Cost Structure Analysis
  4. Cost Drivers for [Steel & Plastic Drums]
  1. Drums Feedstock Analysis
  2. PE
  3. Steel
  1. Drums Supplier Analysis
  2. Supply Base Outlook - Drums
  3. Exhaustive Supplier List
  4. Geographical Footprint
  5. Supplier Market Share Global
  6. Detailed Supplier Profiling of the Top Global Suppliers
  7. SWOT Analysis for the Top Global Suppliers
  8. Financial Risk for Top Global Suppliers (If Publicly Listed)
  1. Drums Industrial Best Practices
  2. Procurement Model
  3. Recycling and Reconditioning

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Global Drums Market Outlook

  • The global market for drums was valued at $ 9.1billion in 2017 and is expected to grow at the rate of approximately 4-5 percent until 2022, reaching $ 11.5 billion. Steel drum, currently contributes to 67 percent of the global demand. However, demand for plastic drums is expected to have the fastest growth, of 6-7 percent, increasing its market share from 19 percent in 2017 to 20 percent in 2022
  • The major driver for the growth will be the rising demand from chemical, and the food and beverage segments which make use of bulk packaging for storage and transportation of products


Demand Market Outlook

Chemicals, agro-chemicals, and food and beverage industries are the major end-use segments driving the demand for industrial drums. APAC is witnessing the highest growth rate, around 6-7 percent

Global Market Size –Drums

  • Steel drums will continue to dominate the market with a market share of more than 68 percent; whereas plastic drums are expected to reach 22 percent in 2022
  • Drum demand in the developing regions of APAC and LATAM are expected to grow at 6-7 percent and 5-6 percent until 2022 due to the growth in end-use industries
  • The global drum demand is expected to grow at 4-5 percent from 2017-2022 and reach approximately $ 11.5 billion by 2022
  • Plastic drums contributed around 18 percent of the global demand for drums, and is experiencing strong growth owing to its cost and logistic advantages over its steel counterpart. However, steel drums will continue to dominate the market
  • Fiber drums are 10-15 percent lighter and 20-25 percent cheaper than plastic/steel drums, and has better recycling options. However, the market is very matured and almost stagnant in the developed regions

Global Capacity –Demand Analysis of Drums 

  • The Global drums market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 4.5-5 percent from 2017 to reach a value of $ 11.4 billion in 2022. This is due to the high end-use demand from chemicals, pharmaceutical and, the food and beverage sector
  • Globally, the drums industry has an average utilization rate of 65-70 percent and the manufacturers are able to meet the demand without any supply constraints

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