Colostrum Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage

  • Key Colostrum Suppliers – Global
  • Potential Supplier for Land o Lakes - US
  • Potential Supplier List – EU, Oceania and Asia
  • Supplier Profiling

Table of contents

  1. Colostrum Executive Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Colostrum Value Chain Analysis
  2. Value Chain - Colostrum
  3. Value Chain Analysis
  4. Production Methods
  1. Colostrum Market Analysis
  2. Supply analysis
  3. Demand analysis
  1. Colostrum Supplier Analysis
  2. Key Colostrum Suppliers - Global
  3. Potential Supplier
  1. Colostrum Supplier profiling
  2. Supplier Profile

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Global Market Outlook on Colostrum

Global colostrum market is oversupplied. However regional supply differences, captive consumptions and unorganized dynamics are expected to govern the supply uncertainty in the market.

Global Colostrum - Supply Vs Demand

Constraints: Global supply and demand data for colostrum is not recorded due to high complexity. No government/private dairy organization/agency in any country tracks colostrum production. Henceforth assumptions were arrived based on Expert consultation

Assumptions considered for supply data:

  • The global dairy (milking) cow numbers were considered
  • An average of 2L per dairy cow/calving was assumed to arrive at the total colostrum (liquid) production numbers
  • 0.25 percent of the volume was deduced towards calves feeding
  • 40 percent of the volume was considered for commercial processing, ~60% of the volume goes into unorganized sector and captive consumption

Global Production Share – By Region

  • US and New Zealand are the largest colostrum producers until 2012
  • New Zealand held the biggest supply share of colostrum to the China's infant formula business. China's ban on the use of bovine colostrum in infant formula made NZ loose the supply dominance
  • The US market holds 36% share in the global production

Colostrum Demand Market Overview – Global  

Global colostrum market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 3.2 percent in 2016-2020. Whole colostrum is the largest segment (62 percent) witnessing high demand for animal use (70 percent). China is the major importer consuming 70 percent global volume.

Demand Industry – End Use by Value

  • Whole colostrum powder holds major demand market share in terms of value (47 percent) and volume (6509MT). The growth in this category is mainly due to its generic usage in animal and human consumption
  • Major markets are the US, Europe and Asia. Asia, primarily China is the largest market for human consumption of 1,600MT(estimate)
  • Sports nutrition is the fastest growing segment in the US . China, US and Europe do not permit bovine colostrum in infant food products but Asian countries such as Korea and Vietnam use it in infant formula

Demand Industry – Usage by Volume

  • The human market for colostrum gained momentum with passage of the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (1994)
  • End-use demand is witnessing strong growth in the human segment due to growing usage in supplements, skin care, medical and pharmaceutical markets

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