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Report Coverage

  • Internal Medical Education – Types & Ways of Execution
  • CME Structure in Europe & US
  • MedCom Service Outlook – Medical Education

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary
  1. CME Industry Overview
  1. CME Supplier List
  1. CME Case Studies

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Global Market Outlook on CME

Medical education programs are used to bridge the gap between promotional marketing and scientific communication by engaging and educating the target audience.

Internal Education/ Training

  • Pharmaceutical companies consistently conduct training program for their sales force to enable them acquire sufficient knowledge on disease state or therapy area. This training facilitates them to strike meaningful conversation with physicians or target audience
  • Regulatory and medical affairs professionals have to be educated about the new regulations/change in codes of ethics. Training for regulatory/medical affairs team is executed using in-house team and carried out occasionally
  • Internal training for marketing department also takes place once in a while where the marketing professional are trained at professional institutions for a couple of days.

External Education

  • Content of CME program has to be accredited by a accreditor and should not contain any product related information or promotional aspect attached to it. The CME programs are intended to provide a balanced education to HCPs or nurses or patient groups
  • Non CME programs provide flexibility for pharmaceutical companies since they can have specific product/device/drug/therapy related information in their program

External Education – Types of CME Programs

  • Meetings/Events: This is the most predominant form of CME platform used across the globe. Meeting/event is majorly classified into two types. Satellite symposia/ meetings are organized in conjunction to a major congress activity. Satellite symposia is expected to address audience group of 50 – 60 members. We also have standalone symposia which is conducted as an independent event and it addresses a group of 400 – 500 personnel
  • Personal Learning: In certain countries, physicians are awarded CME credits for personal learning activities. Subscribing to a medical journal, irrespective of whether they are utilizing it would fetch them CME credits
  • Classroom learning/ Workshop: Most frequently used form of CME program, but the audience size for this program is quite less (20 – 25). In this method the physicians are given training on both theoretical aspect and practical implementation
  • Internet based CME/ eCME: eCME are gaining importance lately and eCME can be in any one of these forms – Courses, Online Reviews, Taped Lectures and Video Lessons, CME certified content(simulation games)

External Education – Upcoming Trends in eCME

The major challenge of eCME program is it lacks the social interaction (e.g. discussion, exchange of experiences in a classroom setting). One of the upcoming trend in eCME is collaborative learning which takes care of the above mentioned pitfall.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a combination of two worlds which is electronic learning and hands on workshop. Physicians undergo theoretical preparation, assessment and post course rehearsal. After they complete the electronic learning, hands–on workshop is conducted for the group of audience

Mobile Learning

 Adoption of mobile devices has increased and CME courses are available on smartphones and tablets in form of electronic magazines; E-learning accounts from professional institutions, etc.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning through various electronic platforms are increasing. Pre- and post course guide aids the learning process. Listed below are some of those platforms that supports collaborative learning:

–social networks

–learning communities

–career network

–special interest communities

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