Aerosol Valves and Actuators Market Intelligence

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Report Coverage


  • Supply Base Outlook–Aerosol Valves and Actuators: North America
  • Market Outlook of Aerosol Valves and Actuators: EMEA
  • Industry Drivers and Constraints
  • Aerosol Valves and Actuator Component Sourcing Destinations

Production Size


3-4 Percent

Production Size North America

4.3 Bn Units

Production Size Asia Pacific (APAC)

3.5 Bn Units

Production Size Latin America (LATAM)

3.1 Bn Units

Table of contents

  1. Aerosol Valves and Actuators Executive Summary
  2. Executive Summary
  1. Market Analysis - Valves and Actuators
  2. Market Dynamics: Demand and Supply Assessment
  3. Demand Drivers
  1. Industry Outlook - Aerosol Valves and Actuators-Global
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Porter’s Analysis
  1. Aerosol Valves and Actuators Innovation and Product Development Trends
  2. Innovation and Product Development Trends
  1. Supply Base Overview - Aerosol Valves and Actuators
  2. Supplier Analysis
  3. Sourcing Best Practices
  1. Cost Break-up and Pricing Overview - Aerosol Valves and Actuators
  2. Cost Break-up and Pricing Overview

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Global Market Outlook on Aerosol Valves and Actuators

Market for Aerosol valves and actuators is expected to grow in line with the demand for aerosol cans and there is minimal supply risk owing to the growth in demand and supply over the next 4–5 years. Demand in the emerging regions of APAC and LATAM is expected to drive the market for aerosol valves and actuators. Demand for innovative product dispensing technology and product differentiation would drive the value growth.

  • Global valves and actuators market with a value of about USD 850 Million and USD 306 Million respectively in 2017 is expected grow at about 3-4% CAGR 2017-2021. The market is driven by the growing demand for aerosol products especially in deodorants and air care end use segments, with a growth of about 5-6% and 2-3% CAGR 2016-2020 respectively
  • Consumer preference for increased aesthetics, product efficiency, product complexity, etc., has led to the development of complex aerosol valves and actuators such as 360° spray, actuator design (squaround), slidable switches, etc.
  • The value growth is also due to the consumer preferences for increased aesthetics, product efficiency, product complexity, etc., which in-turn has led to the use of technologically advanced and specialized aerosol actuators and valves.

Valves and Actuators-Downstream Demand Overview

Increased penetration of aerosol format into new end use segments and increasing demand in key end use segments with large volumes such as deodorants and other personal care products would drive the overall demand for aerosol valves and actuators. Increasing complexities of the aerosol product formulations, need for improved aesthetics, product differentiation, tightening regulatory scenario, etc., would lead to innovative and technologically advanced dispensing systems.

Global Aerosol Valves and Actuators Demand by Region

Market would not have supply constraints owing to the ample capacity availability and strong demand in emerging markets and also increase adoption of aerosol spray format in pharma products in both developed and emerging markets

Increasing need for convenience and product differentiation would drive the demand for advanced dispensing systems for pharma products. This would be supplemented by the developments in formulations.

  • Developed markets such as EMEA and NA are expected to have slow growth in demand while APAC and LATAM are expected to have higher growth rates especially for the standard valves and actuators thereby driving volumes, over the next 4-5 years
  • Growing middle class disposable income and increased levels of hygiene awareness are the major impetus for growth
  • Highly competitive end-use segments such as deodorants, shaving gel and hair care products are expected to lead innovations in valves and actuator products in both developed and emerging regions.

Global Supply Base Outlook of Valves and Actuators

The supply base for aerosol valves and actuators is consolidated with more than 70 percent of the market held by top three suppliers. The supplier locations are well distributed globally to cater to the growing markets.

  • Global aerosol valve industry is highly consolidated with the top three suppliers, accounting for 70 percent of the market share with major players like Lindal, Precision Valves etc., having established themselves in growing markets such as APAC and LATAM to capitalize upon low cost manufacturing options
  • Apart from the valve manufacturers who supply valves, injection molders such as Weener plastics, Berry plastics, etc., also supply actuators for use in aerosol products
  • Global suppliers have been actively expanding their capacities by establishing their manufacturing facilities in growing regions while also developing innovative products for their developed market

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