Analyst- Category Specialization- Paper Packaging


04 December, 2019

Job Description

The Research/commodity analyst would be required to perform extensive research on the supply-demand-price of select commodities on a global basis and build several forecast models based on the collected information

  • Job Requirements:
  • Ability to effectively operate independently and in a team environment.
  • In-depth knowledge on various strategic quadrants and the procurement analysis tools.
  • Holistic view on the overall Industry spend categories.
  • Insights on how stakeholders view the sourcing of the categories.
  • Key focus/expectations of Industry stakeholders through the market intelligence report.
  • Basic understanding on the value chain of the respective domain and how each category are related to drive the top line growth.
  • Key end users of respective domain/Industry  and its categories and the emerging trends that marketers should be aware of Level of innovation brought in through the MI reports delivered in past.


  • Key Responsibilities:
  • To track, analyze paper packaging market conditions across the globe. Paper market includes commodities such as corrugated, folding carton, printing and writing paper and pulp
  • Closely track the market changes on a daily basis and be on top of market situation. Develop category expertise and become the category specialist in long term.
  • Market sizing and forecast
  1. Understand historical, current supply-demand condition for the above commodities and forecast market growth/decline for the next 3-5 years with accurate reasoning
  2. Understand the market drivers and constraints that will contribute to market growth or decline
  3. Price Analysis and Forecast
  4. On a recurring basis (monthly) Based on market fundamentals and historical trend, forecast market index prices in short, medium and long term with proper reasoning
  5. Create cost structure of the commodities - % contribution of fixed and variable costs and determine how changes in costs impacts the prices of the final commodity
  6. Supplier Analysis – Scan the market for suppliers who could cater to client requirements and recommend best fit suppliers based on various parameters such as proximity, quality, capability, scalability etc
  7. Closely monitor market developments in terms of innovation and sustainability for the above packaging materials and determine the effect (cost savings/improvement in sustainability/material reduction) on client’s spend
  8. Understand market best practices both from a material standpoint (best type of material, alternate materials and substitutes) and a sourcing standpoint (contract clauses, payment terms, lead times, KPI, SLA etc)
  9. Own, maintain and update category core report (off the shelf report) for the category that has been assigned to you
  10. Understanding and addressing client challenges and requirements
  11. Clearly understand client challenges/initiatives with regards to sourcing of paper commodities.
  12. Insights must not be a data dump from secondary. Analyze the data and provide actionable insights to client based on your findings which must address client sourcing challenge or initiative.  The report must be a solution rather than a knowledge material.
  13. Build expert network and supplier relationships to gather primary level information.


  • Other Responsibilities:
  • Identification of sources of information(secondary and primary sources )
  • Use public and paid subscriptions to extract data
  • Extraction of information/content extraction through the sources of information.
  • Thorough understanding of the commodity under research.(The production process and other generic technical details of the commodity)
  • Identification of various drivers of the commodity under research - cost/demand/price drivers.
  • Determination of the economic behavior of the supply/demand/price of the commodity.
  • Competitive analysis of major suppliers of the commodity.
  • Industry analysis.
  • Use of various strategic frameworks to determine competitive positioning.
  • Impact determination – macroeconomics/logistics/supply chain/disruptions/legislation/taxes on the supply and price of the commodity
  • Liaise with forecasting and macro-economic team to understand macro-economic factors and determine the impact on paper packaging commodities

Qualification: MBA(Marketing/Operations/Logistics/Supply Chain/ Agri/ Finance) with minimum 60% from class X onwards.

Work Experience: 1 to 4 years of experience.

  • Technical Requirement
  • Competitive / Marketing Intelligence.
  • Industry Analysis
  • Best practice Insights
  • Supplier Profiling
  • Pricing & Cost Analysis
  • Presentation and report Generation
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Right attitude
  • Good Analytical skills
  • Achievement Oriented
  • Quick learner
  • Out of box thinking
  • Self-driven and Self Confident

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