Top 5 Integrated Facilities Management Suppliers: Ranked by Revenue


By: Beroe Inc --

20 April, 2020

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Top 5 Integrated Facilities Management Suppliers: Ranked by Revenue

Facilities management comprises a range of services and coordination activities that ensure that the physical workspace is functioning as it should and is creating a productive environment. Facilities can include hospitals, auto shops, institutions, office buildings, and sports complexes. Facilities management can be divided into two categories; hard facilities management and soft facilities management. Hard facilities management refers to managing things like elevators and plumbing. Soft facilities management refers to security and lease accounting. Integrated facilities management encompasses combining all of the services that are required for managing all the aspects of an office. Instead of using different companies to get things done, a company delegates responsibilities to one management team to provide services.

There are numerous integrated facility management companies and Beroe has shortlisted the top 5 suppliers of IFM based on revenue

  1.  ISS

Revenue: $11.8Bn (2019)

ISS serves a wide range of industries including public administration, energy & resources, business services & IT, transportation & infrastructure, hotels, leisure & entertainment, and food & beverage. ISS provides a range of services that includes security services, cleaning services, facility management, catering services, property services, and support services. 

  1. JLL

Revenue:  $16.31Bn (2018)

JLL is a member of the Fortune 500. JLL’s annual report states that it has managed more than 4.6 billion square feet in property management and facilities management. JLL employs more than 92,000 people who work together as a team to ensure businesses are able to achieve their goals. 


  1. CBRE

 Revenue: $23.9Bn (2019)

Founded in 1906, CBRE employs more than 100,000 people. CBRE serves more than 100 countries all over the globe. The company serves more than 90% of the Fortune 100 companies too. CBRE earned a position in the Fortune 500 companies in 2008 and has been consecutively featured on it, slotting it in at 146th position in 2019. CBRE serves a range of industries including data centers, life sciences, financial services, healthcare, and law firms. CBRE provides a range of integrated solutions and services. One of the services is facilities management. CBRE has more than 38,000 facilities management professionals and more than 15,500 technical and engineering professionals.  


  1. Sodexo

Revenue: $24.17 Bn (2019)

Sodexo offers more than 100 services across 67 countries at present. The range of facilities management services offered includes security, cleaning, front-of-house, mailroom, grounds, document management, laundry, waste management, and much more. All these services ensure that business requirements are met and that businesses can get more than what they expect..

  1. Compass Group

Revenue: $30.9Bn (2019)

The Compass Group provides a range of services that include cleaning, food service, vending & micro-markets, facilities management & guest services, and procurement & supply chain.  The Compass Group is a Fortune 500 company. The Compass Group’s focus in providing thorough services that count has earned it top spot in this ranking list.




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