Interview: Tariffs are the new normal, Procurement to play key role in localization


By: Sakthi Prasad -- Director - Content

01 January, 2017


Dr. Rob Handfield is no stranger to the world of supply chain. A well-known academic with a career spanning over three decades, Handfield has authored several books on supply chain management.

While many of his former students at North Carolina State University (NCSU) are now in key positions in large organizations across the globe, others have founded successful businesses.

It was a rainy day at Raleigh, North Carolina, when the interview was conducted. One could hear the pitter-patter of rain in the background while Handfield explained the challenges in these times of trade uncertainty.

He spoke about some of the problematic issues such as the U.S.–China trade war, the unending Brexit saga, and the spike in tariffs in the form of duties and countervailing duties in the U.S., China, and few other countries.

“These are uncertain times for the executives of global supply chain. Overall, the sense I am getting from people who I talk with is that this is, sort of, the ‘new normal.’ There is a lot of uncertainty in the current state of tariffs, that is, about whether will they continue or not,” Handfield told Beroe.


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