With increasing patent expiries and stringent FDA and regulatory frameworks, bio-pharmaceutical companies are exploring new avenues and markets for growth. Beroe gives you the means to make decisions that keep you ahead of the competition. Besides "cost savings", Beroe's intelligence allows you to focus on value adding activities.

Procurement Imperatives for Biologics Industry

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Beroe solutions

Beroe's Solutions for the Biologics Industry

Deep dive Market Intelligence

that provides insights over a wide range of upstream and downstream Bio products

Supplier evaluation via pre-qualification surveys

to ensure secure supply and smooth Supplier Integration Process

Continuous tracking of over 200 suppliers

ranging from niche biologics segments such as continuous manufacturing to broad services such as chromatographic segments

Cost/Price composition model and accurate price forecasts of consumables

Beroe's forecast accuracy, even for volatile commodities, is above 90%

Support on sustainable Green practices

dynamic tools to estimate any given product's carbon footprint/ mitigation opportunities

Risk Management

Help with identification and mitigation of financial and supply chain risk factors, mapping of the entire supply value chain and raising real-time alerts for value chain disruptions

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